Sarnath The Historical Destination

Sarnath the Historical Destination is famous for its History and is a Historical place. Located 13km away from Varanasi is a beautiful and historical place which is not to missed. I only had 1:30 hours to explore Sarnath as I had to catch a train to Lucknow my next destination. Trust me, you need at least 6 hours to explore Sarnath.

Varanasi and its World Famous Aarti

As the title goes Varanasi and its World Famous Aarti is popular worldwide and one should be there at least once in a lifetime. So, last week I went there for the first time and that too merely for 24 hours. It was a very short stay and I wasn't able to explore Varanasi much. So, in this short time I just managed to see only few places. But my main motive was to see its World Famous Aarti.

I reached Varanasi in the afternoon, checked into my Hotel after taking a few minutes rest went straight to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple,  as it gets crowded in the evening. Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Shimla - Himachal Pradesh

Last weekend I went to Shimla to attend a wedding. I tried to make the most out of that trip but it was quite short. So, wasn’t able to explore it much.Here are some pictures:

Masroor Rock Cut Temple - Himachal Pradesh

Yesterday I went to Masroor Rock Cut Temple with friends. I must say that the place is amazing. It is an ancient temple around 1500 years old. It is a masterpiece of great architect. Located in Himachal Pradesh, the travel route is also amazing, with beautiful scenery.

Checkout few photo:

Dhar Kalan - District Pathankot

Dhar Kalan is a village and tehsil located in the Pathankot district of Punjab, India. Dhar Kalan is hilly, ranging between 300–900 metres above sea level. It is about a distance of 32km from Pathankot City. Direction to Dhar is embedded below this post. Lake of Dhar is a well known place. You can ask about it from the City people. Checkout Photos of Dhar Kalan: